Ask the Cat

How do I start writing my story?

That is as individual to you as your story.

However, here are some pointers:

Don’t think too much about the beginning or the end of your story. These might well change while you write. You don’t necessarily want to be limited to a certain storyline as that usually changes depending on the journey of your characters.

Initially you do need to write what the story is about and what you want to share – the characters, the theme/message, the parts of the story that keep the reader interested and excited.

Take your time to do this, and the rest will come from within. Let your imagination run free.

Writer’s block happens to the best of us. If you get it, perhaps our writing prompts can help…

How long does it take to write a book?


That is something I can’t tell you.

Some days you will be on a roll – which is when your story and characters come alive – and ideas jump out at you. Use this time wisely and write everything that comes into your head. You can always edit and change later. Getting the initial thread is the most important thing. You may find yourself waking up at 3:00 AM with ideas for your storyline. Do make a note of these, or they will be gone the next morning.

How much will it cost me?


There is no financial cost for you to use MageQuill. If your story becomes a published book, you get royalties!

The only investment for you is your time and effort, and the sweat and tears that go into making your characters and stories come alive. If you put 100% in, you get 100% out. Remember not to short change yourself.

Pretty exciting, eh?