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What part of the story are you?


Start your story, follow your passion and share your universe. Write without an audience, or share with the community. Or take it one step further - aim to get published.

How it works

Improve your skills


Read our writers’ stories; enter new universes and engage with their passion. Comment on their stories and be part of our community. Read, enjoy and engage. Share in their universe – share in ours.

How it works

Be inspired


Engage with our writers to help build their stories and their universe. You can lead a community of writers. Encourage, mentor, and build their confidence. Help stir the passion.

How it works

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A digital quill

Create stories with the magic of MageQuill. Write, interact and learn online. Transform your keyboard to a digital, magic quill.

From writing

Your thoughts and ideas, writing without boundaries within an online community of peers - youth to youth publishing at it’s best.

Critically, a system that provides help, guidance and motivation to free your imagination. MageQuill’s digital log will safeguard your work, eliminating the risk of loss while building your chapters for your book.

How it works


“Most of my stories are inspired by things around me, like the changing climate and addiction to screens.”

- Rosanna Bradley, writer on MageQuill

  • Idea

    The concept, thought and outline are all from within you.
    There are no boundaries.

  • imagination

    This is your vision, inspiration and creativity.

  • story

    The tale, legend or fairytale. Write what you feel, no questions asked.

  • result

    A book, a film or a game in the making? Or just passion, thoughts or stories. Use feedback from the community whether from coaches or peers. Learn, improve and finally – share the conversation.

…to publishing

Our advanced publishing platform represents a quantum leap in the opportunity available to would-be authors under the age of 26.

We work in partnership with our publishing house, Bombadil Publishing, game manufacturers and rights owners to make the right content available to readers and writers, allowing young people to influence what they want to read.

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“Life matters in ways you wouldn't believe. Writing provided a way for me to escape”

- Kelsey McRae, Author of Indigo Rain

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